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Benefits your business and customers will love

From onboarding through to final delivery, we take the stress out of shipping.

Simple Order Fulfilment

Our cloud-based order fulfilment platform makes managing your fulfilment simple. We meet your business needs anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Faster Delivery

Our national warehouse footprint allows you to position stock close to customers, saving time and money, while our same day delivery helps your products reach customers faster.


Grow Your Business

Discover more about your customers, your industry, and how you can grow your business with our innovative order fulfilment platform.


See what our
merchants have to
say about Fulfilio

Michael Tremeer & Lucy Bloomfield

“Some days it took us hours to ship orders and then we had to run them down to the post office. Now, I can ship all of the orders, no matter how many, in the space of ten minutes. It’s been really easy and allowed us to get back to what we want to do best, which is actually growing our business.”

- Michael Tremeer, Trefiel

Features that take the stress out of shipping

From automated fulfilment to custom packaging and gift wrapping services, Fulfilio has the product features to help you simplify your fulfilment and grow your ecommerce business.

Shopping Cart Integration

Simple and stress-free integration with your shopping cart. With more than 35 ecommerce platforms supported, switching to Fulfilio is seamless.

Same Day Delivery

Our national warehouse footprint means you can delight your customers with same day delivery options (available in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane).

Custom Delivery Experiences

We offer a range of custom packaging, product kitting and subscription boxes to delight your customers with every delivery and ensure they have a memorable "unboxing" experience.

Big Data Analytics

Harness delivery data to uncover more about your customers including when and what they like to buy, how to find more people like them, and how to increase sales through repeat purchases.

Order Tracking

Never miss a beat with real-time parcel tracking for Australian and International deliveries (from shopping cart to doorstep), ensuring both you and your customers feel in control and completely supported.

Simple Returns

Provide your customers with confidence, knowing they can return items at more than 4000 Australia Post outlets, parcel lockers or post boxes.

Branded Notifications

Say what you want to say, how and when you want to say it with branded delivery notifications sent to your customers from checkout through to doorstep.

Inventory Management

Feel in control of your inventory with real-time stock counts, automated reporting and advanced analytics, enabling you to make informed business decisions quickly and confidently.


Connecting is simple

Our technology connects to more than 35 of the most popular online
shopping platforms, ensuring switching your fulfilment to Fulfilio is simple.

Safe and secure
warehousing backed

by Australia Post

Fulfilio is a tech start-up incubated by the Australia Post Accelerator Program, with complete access to their networks as well as their support in warehousing management systems, shipping, delivery and marketing.

What does this mean for your business?

Complete confidence, knowing that you’re working with a company that is 100% Australian-owned and backed by one of the world’s most respected delivery companies.


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