5 Reasons People Probably Abandoned Cart

Shopping cart abandonment: When shoppers add items to their carts, then leave without making a purchase.

If you own an eCommerce store, chances are you’re way too familiar with this struggle.

This phenomenon is an issue faced by eCommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. However, Australian online entrepreneurs might be feeling the heat a little hotter than most, with 57% of Aussie shoppers ditching their online shopping carts.

But why are they leaving? And what can you do about it?

1. The checkout process is too long or complicated

2016 was the first year that mobile searches exceeded those generated on a computer and has been a continuing trend over the last two years. So if your site isn’t mobile friendly, you can be potentially be missing out on a lot of sales!  

Pay specific attention to your mobile checkout process now that you know this is where the majority of consumers shops. Many sites ignore making this a user friendly experience so it can easily give you a leg up on the competition.

If your checkout process requires a lot of fields to be filled in, or extra steps, it may be hard for your consumers to navigate around the form. If the process is too complicated, many will give up or decide to buy when they get home on a computer… if they remember.

Unfortunately 90% of leads go cold after an hour, meaning consumers that were ready to buy turn into dead ends. All because it was too complicated to checkout on their mobile devices.

Turn to your own checkout process, is it easy? Or is there too much going on that even you wouldn’t want to go through the hassle? If it is, simplify it immediately.


2. You don’t offer the preferred payment methods

Another reason why people abandon is that they want to pay using a method your site doesn’t accept.

What use to be issues around Paypal or Amex, are now expanding to payment innovations such as Zippay, Alipay and Afterpay. In fact, buy now, pay later options accounted 7.7% of total online spend in 2017. With evolving new advances in payment technology, savvy shoppers are broadening their payment methods, and so should you.

Your site can avoid this drop off by adding new payment methods to your site, or consider implementing a buy now pay later business strategy.

However, if you decide not to accept a given type of payment, avoid this kind of cart abandonment by making it very clear what you do accept for payment on your homepage. This allows customers to decide how they want to pay before making a purchase.


3. Your shipping costs are scaring people  

This is the big one guys. 86% of consumers are abandoning shopping carts due to shipping fees being too high at checkout.

Think about it: you’re shopping online and find a sweet deal for a pair of new summer shoes for $50.00. You add it to the cart, shop around a little more than decide to checkout. What you thought was a $50 purchase is suddenly now $59.99 and your budget was back at $45.

Everyone knows they have to pay for shipping, but it’s the surprise and difference in the final price that throws people off. This can cause frustration,  and no one’s going to make a sale after that.

To avoid this you can offer a minimum order requirement in exchange for free shipping. 93% of shoppers claim to add more items to their shopping cart to qualify for free shipping.

You can also bundle the shipping in the product price. By increasing prices to either partially or fully cover shipping costs is another way to make free shipping work.


4. Your shipping times are too slow.

While the actual cost of shipping is a top reason for cart abandonment, speed of shipping poses a significant threat to purchases too.

Remember today’s main consumer is the instant gratification generation, so they want the things ordered today, yesterday.

Inconvenient delivery options or prolonged shipping times can put people off to making a sale.

When it comes to last minute purchases (which we all do), shipping times really matter. 29% of consumers don’t purchase if they see longer-than-expected delivery times. So regardless if it’s for a birthday or anniversary, if your store is unable to deliver the goods in time customers have no choice but to abandon their carts.

Try offering expedited shipping options if you’re finding standard shipping is taking more than 2-5 days. And make sure to be transparent with the price point.


5. People are getting distracted.

The last and final reason people are abandoning carts is simply, they’re getting distracted.

And that’s no one’s fault, life happens. Regardless if their computer died, lost wifi or a text popped up, their attention moved off your site and their checkout process was disrupted.

Although you can’t do anything to prevent this from happening, implementing a few tricks can get shoppers back to complete their purchase.

Make sure your shopping carts can be saved. If that customer does return, it will be super easy for them to checkout and for you to make a sale. Or if that same person is a registered user, set up an automated email to remind them they have some items they left behind. Consider it a nudge in the right direction. 

And don’t be afraid to send warning emails about potential items running out of stock or reminding shoppers about the ending of a promotion. This can create a sense of urgency to shoppers with carts full of products that have been sitting there for way too long.

When it comes to this abandonment, it’s not about how to prevent shoppers from getting distracted, but what you can do to get them back.

Shopping cart abandonment is still a major problem in eCommerce, but with the right approach and tactics, you can try to reduce the number of carts deserted on your own site.

Try buying something on your business’ website (both mobile and desktop) and see how easy it is for you. Ask yourself, is there anything on your site stopping or inconveniencing you making that purchase? What is it? And finally, how are you going to fix it?