Remove Stress And Grow With An Order Fulfilment Partner

Do you have a strategy for eCommerce - online shopping events?

Do you have a order fulfilment strategy for eCommerce – online shopping events? (the new sales driver on the block!)

If you don’t, you probably should…

Online shopping events like Click Frenzy, Cyber Monday, and Black Friday have increased buyer behaviour over the years. According to the Inside Australian Online Shopping Report, online shopping events are driving up sales by 32% YOY. Click Frenzy saw nearly 200 percent growth of consumer traffic in 2016, and are expecting another big increase this year.

You may be wondering how on earth will your business keep up operationally with all of this exciting demand and opportunities to grow with eCommerce sales events. Do you risk frustrating your customer with delayed delivery, take it all on yourself by working extra hours, hire extra support staff which might eat into profit margins or outsource order fulfilment altogether by partnering with a partner?

By partnering with a order fulfilment provider with pick and pack operations, you can access faster delivery by positioning stock closer to customers – why wouldn’t you want to wow them with the delivery experience and exceed expectations?

Often businesses are anxious about letting go of their order fulfilment operations due to quality control of the parcel delivery experience. A good partner takes the time to understand your brand and will deliver as if you did every time with branded packaging and returns capability.  

Imagine a world where you can focus on promoting the sale while not having to worry about capacity and whether the sales influx is even worth it in the first place– stress and money wise. The day after the sales event you can enjoy the results and plan for the future without stress.

This week Click Frenzy Mayhem is happening, if you are experiencing operational stress before and during the event an order fulfilment partner is something you should really consider for your ecommerce business. These eCommerce events are all year round and are not going anywhere anytime soon so get on top of this before the next one hits!

Afterpay Day – 31st August

Halloween – 31st October

Singles Day – 11th November

Click Frenzy – 13th November

Black Friday – 23rd November

Cyber Sunday – 25th November

Cyber Monday – 26th November

Green Monday – 10th December

Free Shipping Day – 15th December

* * *

If you want help with your order fulfilment and inventory control before the next sales event, contact one of our friendly team members today and have a chat about how Fulfilio can help your business grow.