How To Personalise Your Delivery With An Unboxing Experience

Creating custom "unboxing" experiences and tailored packaging is an opportunity for your business to stand out - here's how.

Creating custom unboxing experiences and tailored packaging is an opportunity for your business to stand out – here’s how.

“If you can’t be better than your competition,” says Vogue editor Anna Wintour, “just dress better.”

With the rise of social shopping and unboxing expectations set by portals such as Net-a-Porter, Australian ecommerce businesses owners need to ensure quick delivery while maintaining a completely customised and branded experience from shopping cart to door step delivery.

Put simply, to thrive in this global marketplace, your business has to “dress better” with personalised delivery and packaging to outshine the competition.

We’ve created a guide to enhance your businesses delivery experience – aka. learn to dress better! ­– while working with a fulfilment partner.

Get personal

While large, global brands have long had the resources to pour into personalised customer notifications, on-brand “unboxing” experiences and same-day delivery, smaller players have previously been excluded from creating high-end experiences due to a lack of custom and reliable fulfilment services.

Fulfilio is passionate about making personalised customer experiences accessible for a diversity of Australian businesses. We have leveraged the extensive networks at Australia Post to offer our merchants a national warehouse footprint, the ability to fully customise their deliveries, create subscriptions and automatically fulfil orders from their laptop.

Think outside the box

According to our friends at Shopify, “a branded packaging experience is a thoughtful selection of packaging and shipping materials as well as the deliberate presentation of your products. Its purpose is to provide additional value for your customer as well as your business through the ability to create a memorable and sharable experience.”
The unboxing trend – whereby people share with their social media followers the contents of their mail ­– is a marketing opportunity with untapped potential. Shopify found in 2014 alone, YouTube hosted 1.3 million unboxing videos with 10.3 billion collective views. More importantly, 62% of users are viewing unboxing videos as product research with the intent to purchase.

Some ideas for dressing up your packages include:

Keep your unique voice

If you are handing over the reigns to a fulfilment company, you want to ensure that the customer experience isn’t compromised.

We’ll help guide you on the customer journey to make sure it’s the best it can be. Unlike other fulfilment companies that place their own branding above that of the customers, Fulfilio gives your business access to all the benefits of customised fulfilment services while maintaining your own branding visuals, unboxing experience and design integrity.

Fulfilio also seamlessly integrates with more than 35 of the world’s most popular ecommerce platforms including Magento, Shopify and Big Cartel so your brand voice shines through to the customer.

Get up to speed

Roughly half of all online shoppers abandon their carts because they are not happy with the delivery speed.

To keep up with demands, having a dynamic approach to delivery can improve your customer experience. We can help determine the best delivery option for your customers – do they desire reliable, same-day delivery so they can wear that new dress on the weekend, or prefer to keep an eye on their purchase through detailed tracking and safe drop services?

With a national network of warehouses, Fuflilio can help tailor a delivery service to your customer’s needs – all the while making sure you’re dressed to impress.

* * *

If you want to leverage marketing opportunities and create an amazing customer experience, contact one of our friendly team members today and have a chat about how Fulfilio can help your business grow.