How To Spend Less Time Packing Boxes, And Improve Your Lifestyle

Ruby Wang of Nudie Glow shares her insights into how partnering with a fulfilment company has improved her lifestyle.

Ruby Wang of Nudie Glow shares her insights into how partnering with a fulfilment company has improved her lifestyle. Many budding entrepreneurs enter the world of ecommerce with dreams of a four-hour workweek and a nomadic lifestyle. It’s no surprise that the realities can come as a rude shock ­– hours spent packing and fulfilling orders or days flittered away with logistically headaches. Before working with Fulfilio, founder of Korean skincare business Nudie Glow, Ruby Wang, was spending between three to four hours each day just packing orders and making trips to the post office. “There was no way to grow the business if I continued to do that,” says Ruby. Optimising Nudie Glow’s shipping strategy through partnering with Fulfilio has freed Ruby to work remotely and travel for business and pleasure without worrying about packing orders or closing the online shop while she’s away. Travel has been an essential part of Ruby’s business and life – and was actually the catalyst for starting her blossoming business in 2016. During a trip to Korea, Ruby fell in love with the innovative beauty products that were difficult to find in Australia. Returning to Melbourne after her travels, Ruby had the bright business idea to share her skincare discoveries, making Nudie Glow one of the first ecommerce businesses to make Korean beauty trends and products accessible to Australian skincare devotees. Moving from a home setup to a proper warehouse facility has improved the quality of the delivery experience as well as helped take Nudie Glow to the next level. Less worry, more living An essential component of Nudie Glow’s business model and product offering is Nudie Box – Australia’s first Korean face mask subscription box and features a newly curated edition each quarter. Such a personalised service makes it all the more important to ensure the customer experience is maintained when partnering with a fulfilment company. Ruby says she is very happy with her experience working with Fulfilio and their pick and pack solution. “Everyone’s very responsive to emails, and any issues that might come up are solved right away. I’ve visited the warehouse twice and everything’s great,” she says. Such positive feedback is also coming directly from her customers. “I had a customer message me saying that the packaging was perfectly done.” Working with Fufilio has taken the worry out of Ruby’s day, so she can focus on the important things in life. “I started working with Fulfilio is to grow the business and get my lifestyle back ­– overall I’m very happy!” * * * If you want to worry less about packing and make time for travel, contact one of our friendly team members today and have a chat about how Fulfilio can help your business grow.