Learn How The Future Of eCommerce Can Inspire Growth

The future of eCommerce is already here. Online shopping is the norm and with that, consumer expectations are changing with regards to the speed of delivery and the level of personalisation.

“I want that jacket in my hot little hands in under three hours.”

This is where customers expectations are currently at, in fact 79% of online shoppers would be more likely to shop with you if you give them delivery choice, according to a survey conducted by Australia Post. Same day delivery sits decidedly at the top of those consumers’ requests.


With this increasing consumer demand, eCommerce businesses are getting creative with their delivery timings, by offering more next and same day delivery options.


You may be thinking this is all well and good to know…but, how can I deliver this competitive advantage as a growing eCommerce business?  


The good news is there are ways to get your products to customers faster, without breaking the bank. Partnering with a seriously well connected order fulfilment provider will help you execute/deliver on consumer demands and increase your cart conversion rates. Jump on the urgency marketing bandwagon!


So how is it possible and how much will it cost me?

It’s simple – store stock close to where your customers are.


If someone in Perth orders a coat from your online store that is based in regional NSW it’s going to take one million customer years to get there; and chances are it’s going to cost you quite a bit. Imagine having a whole team of national warehouses at your disposal, when someone orders that jacket in NSW, the platform will send that jacket from Sydney – to save time and maximise efficiencies.


Consumers crave a personalised experience and a connection with your brand. 

eCommerce businesses are creating end-to-end brand experiences for their customers not only with personalised delivery packaging and unboxing experience, but with branded notifications and personalised offers that are hard to refuse.


According to the Segment 2017 report 44% of respondents said they would likely become repeat buyers after a personalised shopping experience according to the Segment 2017 report.

It can also increase sales, as 1 in 2 of consumers said they’ve purchased a product they weren’t planning on buying after receiving a personalised recommendation.


Additionally, it can increase average order size, with 40% of shoppers reporting that they’ve spent more money on a purchase than planned because of a personalised shopping experience.


Personalisation can decrease returns on impulse buys. Eighty-five percent of shoppers who made a last-minute purchase from a personalised marketing message said they were happy with their order, and only 5% said they wanted to return the item.


Being aware of who your customers are, what, when and how they are purchasing can give you the information you need to deliver a personalised experience. Most fulfilment providers have access to a lot of this data, but most don’t have the capability to share it in an effective way – Fulfilio’s analytics capability can help you get there.


Incremental improvements over time focussing on the customer experience is the future of eCommerce. Gone are the days of setting up shop and waiting for someone to stumble across it – to succeed you need to constantly innovate. eCommerce of the future will be more about continuous improvement and hacks to make things better right here right now – which is already transforming the way we transact online.  




If you are interested in getting involved in eCommerce of the future by delivering to customers faster and more efficiently as well as having access to the information you need to create a personalised customer experience please get in touch with one of Fulfilio’s friendly team member today.