Fulfilio Makes Same Day Delivery A Competitive Opportunity

Same day delivery in Australia. Is it even possible? Learn how Fulfilio makes same day delivery possible to Australian eCommerce businesses, nationwide.

Same day delivery in Australia. Is it even possible?

We all know the ‘want it now’ instant-gratification movement is upon us. We want photos liked by thousands of people the moment we publish them on Instagram. We want our business ventures to fuel us out of our boring day-to-day jobs yesterday. And we want our online purchases now.

In fact, research from a 2017 Australia Post survey showed that 79% of respondents were more likely to buy from an online retailer with fast shipping options such as next day and same day delivery. And nearly 50% of purchases are abandoned due to long delivery times. But for a business that operates out of one state and has customers in another, how is this even possible? How can you send with the speed of local competitors, or better?

You could try and send with an express service. But the product still needs to go from your location to a sorting centre. Across the country into another delivery centre, and then out to your customer.

You could also look at getting a warehouse in the area your customers shop. But then you have to think about training warehouse staff, and implementing the right technology. And then of course consider the cost all this will have on the bottom line.

So what’s a thriving eCommerce business to do? Better yet, how are you going to be able to deliver fast enough to capture customers? Let alone offer a same day service.

Well here’s how….

Distributed warehouse inventory, with a purpose-built eCommerce fulfilment provider. A solution that allows you to position products right across Australia, closer to your customers. And at costs less than having to run your own warehouse, and sending interstate.

It works by outsourcing fulfilment to one provider. With multiple warehouses, trained staff, and built into a delivery network. You send products to the warehouse, or warehouses, closest to customers. There they’re receipted and stored. And once customers buy from your site, the fulfilment provider picks and packs it, scans it out, and sends it into the delivery network.

Of course, all this happens while you’re doing other things. And as you’re only using a part of the warehouse and pick / pack services, you only pay a fraction of the cost. As well as saving on delivery costs.

Now you’re able to deliver to customers from a location much closer, reducing the time for delivery. Decreasing delivery costs. And making more sales because you can give customers what they want, when they want it. Guess whose bottom line is looking better now, and can offer same day delivery?

And your next step… growing business, getting more customers, and driving further efficiencies.

Fulfilio is an eCommerce fulfilment solution, built with eCommerce merchants, for eCommerce merchants. If you’re growing from 200 parcels per month and need help with fulfilment, speak with us today!