Three Tips To Growth – Advice From An eCommerce Success Story

Starting a business from scratch is tough. There’s pressure coming from all angles, lots to learn, and sale targets to hit. Jeremy from one of Australia’s fastest growing sportswear brands, ECHT, has shared with us the vital eCommerce business lessons he’s learned, including how to implement them in your business today.

1. Practice ‘Aggressive Patience’

You need to be prepared to be very patient, for a long time. But, when the time comes to finally execute, you need to hit that with everything you’ve got. “One of the hardest things we had to get through during the start was being patient,” Jeremy says. “What we learnt was that results took time, but when it was time to execute, we had to make sure we did it aggressively. Chances to grow the business at the start were rare and therefore each chance that we were given, we needed to be aggressive. Aggressive patience is one of the reasons ECHT is now successful.”

Take away tip:

Have a plan of action. If there is a project, partnership, new product idea or whatever else you deem important to execute, get it out there in the open.  

At Fulfilio, we have a Trello board for this purpose. We have an “Ideas” column, a “What’s Coming up”, “To Do”, “In Progress” and “Completed” column. We’ve found this is a great way to manage our BAU workload without losing sight of our grand plans (of which there are many!).  

Everyone in the team also knows where we are all at in any given moment, which is handy when you have the panicked ‘all hands on deck’ moments.

2. Stay focused on the goal

There will be times when you feel like you’re not getting results, but stick to it. “Having no business owners or mentors, it was quite easy to divert from the track and attempt to try another business. What we learnt was that building a business is all about momentum. Building momentum is the core foundation of any successful business, which means staying focused on the goal.”

Take away tip:

Put your goals to paper. Putting pen to paper will solidify thoughts and drive you to turn them into actions. Write down what you need to achieve in the next month, 6 months and year. This will help you stay on track and build momentum into the future. Maybe one of these goals might be shipping over 400 orders per month… 😉

3. Keep on keepin’ on

Grit is the difference between a successful idea, and an idea that fails. “Many companies fail not because of the idea, but because the entrepreneur gave up too quickly. What I picture is that failure and success are so close to each other, that when you feel most like giving up, that’s actually when success is just around the corner.”

Take away tip:

To achieve this lesson, having a clear sight of the goals you wish to achieve and managing the workflow through Trello will help with your motivation and grit. When planning for a brand and/or a campaign, create a visual representation to accompany this. A moodboard that depicts the essence of what the brand is and something you can always go back to, helping ensure the voice of the brand is consistent, and depicted through conversation.

Originally published from the Collective Hub.

If you would like to hear more about growing your business and feel like you are kicking some goals – let us know!