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The first eCommerce businesses to make Korean beauty trends and products accessible to Australian skincare devotees.


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Working with Fulfilio has given me so much time back and access to their networks mean I’ve actually been able to reduce my shipping costs at the same time. It’s totally win-win.

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  • Able to take a holiday
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Travel has been an essential part of Nudie Glow founder, Ruby Wang’s business and life, and was actually the catalyst for starting her own business in 2016.


During her trip to Korea, Ruby fell in love with the innovative products that were difficult to find in Australia.

Upon returning to Melbourne, Ruby had the bright business idea to share her skincare discoveries. Making Nudie Glow one of the first eCommerce businesses to make Korean beauty trends and products accessible to the Australian market. 

The business has a wide range of Korean beauty products and an essential component of Nudie Glow’s business model and product is the Nudie Box – Australia’s first Korean face mask subscription box that features a newly curated edition each quarter. 

Although Ruby loves running her own business, sending all her orders from home made her feel like she could never actually take a holiday or even a day off for that matter. 

Ruby says, “It actually made me a little resentful and I was completely exhausted at the end of every day.”

Before partnering with Fulfilio, she was packing orders in a small apartment and often times found herself going to the post office everyday to fulfil them. 

As business started to boom and orders multiplied, Ruby found that keeping fulfilment in-house was taking up not only precious space, but time. 

“Because I was spending probably between three to four hours a day packing orders, there was just no way to grow the business if I was going to keep this up.”  

It was this realisation that encouraged Ruby to find a solution and outsource her fulfilment strategy.


Averaging 500 orders a month, Fulfilio commenced fulfilling Nudie Glow’s orders out of the Melbourne Warehouse in February 2018.

Moving from a home setup to a proper warehouse facility has improved the quality of Nudie Glow’s delivery experience and helped take business to the next level.

“Overall, I’m very happy with Fulfilio’s service. I had a customer message me saying the packaging was done perfectly, and that’s good to hear because I don’t get to see the packaging myself.”

It was important for Ruby, with such a personalised service, to ensure the customer experience was maintained when partnering with the right fulfilment company. 

As of January 2019, Nudie Glow’s monthly order volume has seen a 260% increase in sales over the last year.

The business now averages over 1,800 monthly orders.

The partnership has given Ruby back 25+ hours each week that would normally have been spent fulfilling orders.  

Not only giving her time back, partnering with Fulfilio has improved Ruby’s lifestyle and taken a lot of the worry out of her business, so she can focus on other important aspects of the business. 

Her extra time has been spent on marketing and being able to scale and grow the business. 

So what’s the best thing Ruby is able to do now that she’s outsourced fulfilment? 

“Well the best thing now is I get to travel, and working with Fulfilio allows me to do that. It means that I don’t have to worry about packing orders or shutting down my shop while I’m away.”


From same day delivery through to custom packaging options, we’re here to help your business grow.

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