It ain't weak to speak


Hours saved weekly


SKUs stored


Warehouses around Australia

Outsourcing our logistics to Fulfilio has given us back valuable hours that we can put into building and delivering our education programs across the country.

Services Used:

  • Pick and pack
  • Custom packaging


  • Focus on core purpose of company
  • Monthly orders doubled
  • To date have reached 43,602 young people across the country with their Livinwell educational school programs

LIVIN is an Australian based clothing line and not for profit organisation that aims to combat the stigma attached to mental illness.

The company’s mantra: it ain’t weak to speak, is spread through the development of cutting edge education programs, trendy fashion apparel and powerful educational initiatives that raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Co-founders Casey Lyons and Sam Webb started LIVIN in honour of their close friend Dwayne Lally, who took his life after suffering in silence from a mental illness.  

The two created the business to encourage others to live life to the fullest, and provide a platform for developing educational programs and awareness initiatives to tackle this movement.

LIVIN’s clothing line was inspired to kickstart important conversations, maybe one that could potentially save someone’s life.

In the last few years the company gained high popularity, and with this growth came rising demands of running the business. 

With an influx of 800+ orders a month, fulfilment took too much time and energy away from other important pillars of the business.  

Lyons says,  “Unfortunately the time spent picking and packing the clothing line orders proved to take too much time away from the real heart and mission of the company.”

LIVIN moved stock to Fulfilio’s Brisbane warehouse in April 2018.

Monthly orders have doubled since partnering and within the next year,  the organisation plans to utilise Fulfilio’s national warehouse footprint and distributed inventory options, to broaden their reach here in Australia.  

The 8+ hours a week of picking and packing have now been reduced to mere minutes. And LIVIN have been able to really focus on their educational programs.

The business is looking forward to continuing their educational programs and providing a platform to break the stigma’s surrounding mental health. 

Getting back to their core purpose of the company has been the biggest accomplishment Fulfilio has been able to provide for the company.

Time is precious when it comes to a great cause, and LIVIN knows their voice is their biggest asset.

Instead of being silenced by the fulfilment demands of business growth, outsourcing with Fulfilio has given LIVIN time back to continue to create a generational change in the fight against mental health awareness.